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Major Products
Concrete Flotation Systems

We offer two lines of concrete floats:
Signature (Monolithic) Concrete Floats
7,000 psi


Standard (Modular) Concrete Floats
6,000 psi

Shoreside has specialized in marina design and construction for over 2 decades and we are well-known to be one of the leaders in precasting concrete floats. One of our founders, Wes Sluys, was instrumental in the development of the segmented concrete flotation system in the 50's.

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Concrete Mix
One of the reasons why Shoreside is a leader in precasting concrete floats is the development of our proprietary recipe of concrete mix and mixing procedures, over the last 20 years, to achieve the production of high-strength concrete. All ingredients are mixed in our plant under stringent QA/QC to ensure that our float fabrication is of consistently high quality.

Concrete Mix Strength
There are two grades of concrete mix: High-strength grade of 6,000 psi and Ultra High-strength grade of 7,000 psi or higher up to 8,500 psi. Regular breaking tests are done both in-house and independently, with identical results, to prove our consistency in quality and strength.

This high-strength concrete makes for long term durability, as well as superior chloride permeability resistance. These two key factors are the main ingredients that will make our concrete floats last over half a century.

How strong is our
Ultra High-strength Concrete Mix?


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It is that strong!

Shoreside did a strength test recently on how strong our Ultra High-strength Concrete Mix is. We stacked 3 modules of our Signature Floats on top of each other, supported only by 2 small pedestals, as shown in the picture. Each float is 50 feet long and weighs about 20 tons!

Shoreside hired GeoTest Services, Inc. to inspect the above-mentioned Signature Floats. No cracks were observed!

Click to see the GeoTest's Concrete Inspection Report

Our proprietory concrete mix is proven to be the strongest in the industry! You are welcome to show our inspection report to any competitor and get a feel of how superior our concrete mix is by comparison!