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Signature Concrete Flotation System

"Our Signature System is definitely a Five-Star flotation system! It is the best and finest system for any world-class marina!" Kevin Sluys, President, Shoreside Marinas.

Signature Floats are long concrete float modules, ranging from 30' to 60' long and 4' to 16' wide. They are typically 5 times longer than our standard concrete modules. The fingers of this system are one-piece modules for the elimination of any torsion problem which may appear in multiple-piece fingers. They make your marina look clean and elegant!

Our Signature Floats are designed to last for at least 50 years! We use special concrete and reinforcement to make them five times stronger than our Standard Concrete Floats, but at less than twice the cost. The added strength will definitely minimize any repair and maintenance work throughout its life and therefore save marina owners a lot of money for the next 50 years or longer. They are also built to withstand the impact of big storms.

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One of our recent project using our Signature Concrete Flotation System was for the expansion of Petersburg South Harbor Marina in Petersburg, Alaska. This project has a total of 86 pieces of Signature Floats, from 30 to 54 feet long. They weigh from 20 to 25 tons.

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Our Newest Equipment - Shoreside Marinas Tammi Lift. We now have a heavy-duty marine straddle carrier to accommodate the manufacture of our Signature Floats. This huge carrier has a capacity to lift and carry any load up to 120,000 lbs!

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Signature Floats Design Benefits

  * Concrete Mix
Proprietary Ultra High-strength Concrete Mix in various grades is used in the precast of our Signature Floats. This mix is certified by an independent registered engineer.

  * Concrete Mix Strength
7,000 psi or higher up to 8,500 psi
Regular breaking tests are done both in-house and independently, with identical results, to prove our consistency in quality and strength.

  * Freeboard
Standard freeboard ranges from 16" to 18". Greater or extra-low freeboard options are available on request.

  * Unit Sizes
Mainwalk and finger float modules range from 30' to 60' long and 4' to 16' wide. No finger end piles are needed for up to 40' in most cases.

  * Flotation Core
Flotation is marine grade expanded polystyrene (EPS), with a density of 1.0 lb/c.f. and maximum adsorption of 3%.

  * Flotation Encasement
The solid flotation core is encased on the top and sides with our high-strength concrete. The bottom of the float is sprayed with 50 mil polyurethane coating. Wall thickness is 3", twice as thick as the standard segmented concrete floats.

  * Concrete Reinforcing
All reinforcing bars and mesh are hot dip galvanized in accordance with ASTM A-767. Our Signature Floats have over 8 times more reinforcing steel per lineal foot than our standard segmented concrete floats. All reinforcing bars are grade 60, conforming to ASTM A-615 and mesh conforms to ASTM A-185.

  * Float-to-Float Connection
The float modules are connected by a rubber dampened assembly. This connection is noiseless and non-wearing. The rubber damping bushings resist vertical and torsional motion without concentrated shock loading. The hinge assembly allows for rotational motion in excess of the anticipated without binding or contact of concrete float modules. It also provides a smooth transition between float sections.

No structrual timbers are used for float connections. This eliminates the constant repair work of tightening structrual timbers and the replacement of damaged walers.

  * Easy Installation
After the floats are pre-positioned in water, it takes approximately 1 hour to assemble two mainwalk float units and to connect a finger float to a mainwalk float. Easy installation offers significant savings in field labor.